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Moving On September 12, 2009

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It’s been a crazy summer filled with cottages, booze cruises, golf games, moments in the rain, hot tubbing, sushi, visits from friends from far places and “I love you’s”. Yes, I love you’s. George finally, after all this time, confessed his true feelings for me.

And now? This former backpacker, mother of a furr baby and girlfriend is getting an upgrade to live-in girlfriend. Come October 1st, George and I will attempt to take our relationship to the next level. I terrified yet excited beyond belief.


Beautiful Disasters May 25, 2009

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Do you ever get the feeling that there is something coming that has such a finality to it?

I know something is coming- just not when, what, who, how or why. But for some reason, I don’t think knowing any of that will prevent it or make it easier.


Missing the High Life May 20, 2009

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The corporate world. Such a strange place for a backpacker. Even stranger that, if only for a brief period of time, I’ve enjoyed it. But I feel myself getting restless as part of the rat race. Making money to essentially have nothing to show for it.

I long for the days where I could grab a cocktail or beer at any hour and not have people question if it was a bit early or if I had some sort of dependency problems. I long for the days where waking up early happened naturally and usually involved throwing on a bikini and some boardies and hitting the ocean instead of skirts, dress shirts, heels, make up, hair done, getting into the car and knowing that the next eight hours of my life just pass the time.

This backpacker needs to win the lottery…and find a way to bring the purring furball backpacking.


Laundry Service May 19, 2009

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I know it may sound weird but one of the things I miss the most about the south was laundry service. I loved being able to drop off my clothes and pick them up the same or next day-all freshly washed and folded, without having to dedicate hours of my life to doing it.

Here’s my thing. I’m obsessive when it comes to my washing my clothes. Not obsessive like most people might think-I have to separate everything and I can not, under any circumstance mix my whites, darks, colours, hand wash darks, hand wash colours and hand wash whites together.  I’m sure you can see my problem.

The other problem? I hate folding.

Put it all together and you can see why a laundry service is definitely for me. If I can’t see them washing it all together, I’m fine. And they fold it. All I ahev to do is put it away.

Now here’s my dilemma: finding somewhere near me (in the burbs *shoots self*) that provides this service. It really can’t be all that much more than dry cleaning, I mean, they are literally just throwing them in a machine (I’d totally separate colours), changing machines and then folding them. I jsut can;t be bothered to do it myself.

My dryer hates me. It takes at least 60 to 90 minutes for one load to dry. At least. And that’s not even a large load.

*sigh* Somedays, I’m totally pathetic.


It’s Been Awhile April 5, 2009

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“Real life” just isn’t as inspiring as my backpacking life. I just don’t feel that same way about it. The passion and excitement of wanting to share my adventures with the world isn’t the same. I mean my romantic life is stable (I’m with George-the man of my dreams, the man that encouraged and inspired my travels), the other man in my life is not actually a man (hey they vet and the shelter both said my purring beast was a he…but I love her just the same) and I’m not really doing any traveling which kind of negates the main point of this blog.

However, this evening I was reminiscing about last year. I mean, here I am, a little over a year since I created this blog. I’ve done so much, seen so much and experience so much. I’ve grown and changed and have become a person I like and a person I want to be.  A year ago, I was heartbroken, wanting nothing more than to escape those feelings. A year ago, I was wounded, desperately clinging to some idea that George might actually want me to stay, that he might want to be with me. A year ago, I was in love and grieving. A year ago, I just needed to escape so that I could deal with emotions from the past and at the time, the present, that I had buried.

Now, I’m happy and confident. I have a fantastic job and I am with the love of my life. And we’re happy. We make each other happy. And while he hasn’t said those three words that I would love to hear more than anything in this world, I’m not really worried about it. His actions speak volumes and it’s hard for him and I get that. I’ve learned that he needs to take things in his own time and while it was hard at first, I’m finally able to do that. Not that I want to make it seem like I’m rushing into things but there is a possibility that we may be moving in together in the fall. Providing, of course, that he can let go of his past relationship experiences with that and feel that we are different.

Oh right, I promised to tell you all about Barcelona. Well, I went to visit Melanie, who now lives there. While the weather was cool, the vino was cheap and it was an incredible way to relax and let go. I ventured into the mountains, chilled on la playa and man did we walk. Everywhere. I don’t think I even walked that much while I was backpacking. Go me?


A New Man December 31, 2008

A have a new man in my life. Don’t worry, George and I are still together and having a wonderful time.

This new addition comes in the furry variety, a four month old brown tabby that I adopted from a shelter on Sunday. And what a handsome, sweet thing he is -except for this morning when he was going for a thread and ended up drawing some blood from my arm. But it’s not his fault, he was just playing, my arm got in the way…and it’s actually only the second scratch I’ve gotten.

I think they forgot to install a muffler on this little guy because he sure can purr loud. My little munchkin loves to cuddle beside my head at night and has discovered he can meow and is taking full advanage of me not understanding what each meow means and has me running to see if he’s alright. Now, if this was a human child, I’d just tell it to shut the hell up but I don’t speak cat, hence why the kitten wins.

I hope all of my two regular readers have a fabulous New Year!

I’ll update you all on my upcoming trip to Spain.


The Much Needed Update December 21, 2008

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Seven day work weeks were keeping this non-backpacking backpacker pretty busy these past few months and a new full time job and a new relationship have consumed the remainder of it so I do apologize for not updating as often as I’d like. On the bright side, there’s only about two regular readers so it’s not like I’m depriving a collection of people their dose of me.

Part of this entry was written since my last entry and I’m too lazy to correct the tenses. So I’ll guesstimate when I wrote it.


First weekend of November:

Things with Jason didn’t work out quite the way I wanted and I’ll get to the reasons for that in a moment. I’ve kind of been living in this bizarre world the last few weeks, doing things I typically wouldn’t such as dating four guys. That isn’t me but somehow it became me.

The night of my second date with one of the prospects, I stopped by George’s to drop off my stuff. I was planning on crashing on his couch because sleeping in his bed after a date would be weird. He offered me a drink as it was still early and as I was sitting on his couch, he told me he didn’t want me dating other people. That he wanted me for himself. I was so torn. Here I was, I had met a great guy that I had fun with, there were possibilities that Jason and I might rekindle things and George was telling me something that I had wanted to hear. Maybe not in the exact words I wanted to hear them in but he wanted me. He finally told me he wanted me. Not as a full-time girlfriend, the term turns him off but what else do you call a exclusive, monogamous relationship?

I went on my date and I ruined it myself. I didn’t mean to but I did. I returned to George’s place where he and I cuddled and fucked. I woke up the next day feeling loved.

The next week, George and I hung out and I was looking forward to the date George had planned for me. I wore a fantastic outfit, even bought a garter belt and thigh high stockings because I know how much George loves them. We had a fanastic evening of sushi and bars. 


Alright, I hadn’t written that much, proof that my life has been kind of hectic. So here’s my best recollection of the past two months or so..

After the date with George was Halloween where I dressed as an awesome 80’s chick a la Flashdance. We had a gathering at George’s place and I, in my typical at home fashion, drank and passed out at 10:30. But I did wake up at 2:30 when everyone got back from the bar and continued the party. Go me!

I didn’t have the heart to cancel my date with Jason as he seemed so excited about it but I decided not to tell George that I was going. I didn’t think he’d understand that I needed time to tell Jason that it wasn’t going to work between us. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but Jason is in the military and has debated going overseas since I first started seeing him in early 2005.  Since my return, he had been indicating that he was going to go over and serve late next year. This greatly affected the prospect of us trying again as I could do it the first time not really knowing what I was getting into but a second time knowing what it’s like to be “dating the army” was getting to become out of the question.

As we were waiting for our table, I received a text message from George basically saying “Enjoy your date and thanks for lying”. I tried desparately to rach George but he refused to take my call, only texting me twice to convey how upset he was. So that night over a dinner of venison and steak, I told Jason that it wasn’t going to work and I couldn’t handle doing it all over again. I made my choice and it broke my heart into a million pieces because I hurt two people I cared about and loved. I left the evening early and made my way up to George’s place hoping that I could actually talk to him. To my surprise, he answered the door and talked to me. That move is the only reason why he continued talking to me. Jason, however, refused to speak to me ever again.

George and I try and see eachother around two days a week, made more difficult these past few weeks by hectic schedules and both of us getting sick. But things seem to be going really well. I mean, he’s moody, stubborn and scared and I’m just trying to give him the space he needs so this relationship can work. I’m head over heels and terrified because I finally have what I’ve been wanting for the past year or so.

As for work, I have an awesome new job at a software company making some decent coin but there goes my backpacking for quite awhile. Though on the bright side, I’m heading to Barcelona next month for a nice 8 day trip, not as long as I’m accustomed to but it will have to suffice.